The Best Casual Backpacks

For the longest time, backpacks have been reserved primarily for two types of people: school kids and backpackers. This is no longer the case, however, as these reliable knapsacks have become a staple part men’s fashion accessories.

Don’t believe us? Here is a list of the best casual backpack brands on the market today.


American label Eastpak certainly knows quite a bit about making rugged rucksacks. As one of the oldest brands in the market today, being in the game for more than 65 years, this manufacturer has taken care to create an identity of its own. Remember, all those years have not been spent idling around. Instead, Eastpak has consistently honed its craft as it aspired for utmost perfection.

It originally started in 1952 under the name of Eastern Canvas Products USA, Inc. During this time, it produced bags and packs exclusively for the military use. However, as time went by, the pioneers of Eastpak saw the potential of the consumer market and thus made the shift towards casual luggage.

The Eastpak Austin serves as a great example of a great product coming from this company. It offers a straightforward approach to durability without sacrificing the style and aesthetic of the pack.


While Eastpak may be the old guard of casual backpack brands, Herschel is perhaps best known as the new cool kid on the block. In fact, this Canadian label has only been in the market for eight years. While Herschel Supply Co. may be a newcomer, it is virtually an undisputed fact that it brings a lot to the table. In fact, some would argue that this brand revitalized the entire backpack market and kickstarted the renewed interest in the rucksack.

Some fashion experts have even deemed Herschel as the spark for the ongoing backpack revolution. One look at it and you would probably understand why their products are so popular. Their bags sport a general aesthetic which plays on the heritage of the backpack, builds on its practicality while incorporating tasteful leather detailing. It can only be described as true future classic.

These backpacks will help see you through thick and thin, so be sure to give them a try yourself.