Benefits of Having Tracking Devices for Children

A parent’s top priority is keeping their child safe. Some things in the world a parent cannot fully protect their child from but they try their best to protect them from everything else. A child is reported missing every forty seconds in the United States alone. Almost a million children go missing each year. These statists are highly alarming to parents and rightfully so.

Parents would like to do something to create an atmosphere of safety for their children. GPS tracking systems are a great way for parents to ensure they are doing everything they can to protect their child from predators. There are various models of GPS tracking tiles for kids that parents can choose from and most are available on according to this blog. These models are based on the child’s age. There is a unit that will fit any situation. Brickhouse is a brand that has several options available. They create the Brickhouse Locator, and this is used to help find children who may wander off at any given time. It works by placing homing tags. These homing tags work for up to six hundred feet. Brickhouse created another device that may be placed into the jacket of the child. This device can help track a child in real time. The tracking device is also being placed into shoes by Quantum Satellite Technology.

Some parents think they should not get the tracking device because they feel that their child may think they do not trust them or they do not want to place fear into their children. The parent has to take the time to talk to their child because a child will understand more than the parent will give them credit for. The parent is actually getting the device because they care about them. Another reason why a parent may not get the GPS tracking device for their child because they may think that it will be quite expensive. This is not the case with all devices. There are some affordable devices on the market. The usual price range of the GPS device is between one hundred and five hundred dollars. Then there is usually a minimal monthly charge to use the tracking service.

There are some perks to a child having a GPS tracker. The device can actually help them if they ever get lost. It can give them directions to get to their destination. This should give them some comfort. Parents would be more likely to allow their child to attend parties and friend’s homes because they will have that extra sense of security. The child will feel safe even though their parent is not directly around.

The GPS tracking device is quite useful to a parent because they can get the location of their child within seconds. The tracking can be done by computer or phone.

Many parents actually love being able to track their child and look at it as being a great investment. If anyone is thinking about getting a device, they definitely should purchase a device. It creates a feeling of safety for the parent and child.

The Best Casual Backpacks

For the longest time, backpacks have been reserved primarily for two types of people: school kids and backpackers. This is no longer the case, however, as these reliable knapsacks have become a staple part men’s fashion accessories.

Don’t believe us? Here is a list of the best casual backpack brands on the market today.


American label Eastpak certainly knows quite a bit about making rugged rucksacks. As one of the oldest brands in the market today, being in the game for more than 65 years, this manufacturer has taken care to create an identity of its own. Remember, all those years have not been spent idling around. Instead, Eastpak has consistently honed its craft as it aspired for utmost perfection.

It originally started in 1952 under the name of Eastern Canvas Products USA, Inc. During this time, it produced bags and packs exclusively for the military use. However, as time went by, the pioneers of Eastpak saw the potential of the consumer market and thus made the shift towards casual luggage.

The Eastpak Austin serves as a great example of a great product coming from this company. It offers a straightforward approach to durability without sacrificing the style and aesthetic of the pack.


While Eastpak may be the old guard of casual backpack brands, Herschel is perhaps best known as the new cool kid on the block. In fact, this Canadian label has only been in the market for eight years. While Herschel Supply Co. may be a newcomer, it is virtually an undisputed fact that it brings a lot to the table. In fact, some would argue that this brand revitalized the entire backpack market and kickstarted the renewed interest in the rucksack.

Some fashion experts have even deemed Herschel as the spark for the ongoing backpack revolution. One look at it and you would probably understand why their products are so popular. Their bags sport a general aesthetic which plays on the heritage of the backpack, builds on its practicality while incorporating tasteful leather detailing. It can only be described as true future classic.

These backpacks will help see you through thick and thin, so be sure to give them a try yourself.

Game Review: God of War

Sony made a bold move by changing the formula of one of its most beloved and successful series. Most game developers follow the mantra “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” when dealing with franchise properties in order to avoid alienating the fanbase. In the latest God of War outing for the PS4, it seems Sony was deadest on changing the fundamentals of the game to glorious effect.

Veering away from the ultra fast-paced action that was God of War, this game gives users a more thoughtful action game that will surely leave you wanting more. One of the greatest gripes fans have with Kratos is that he often seems like a one-dimensional character with nothing but anger and revenge fueling his quests. This game chucks that misconception right out the window by giving us a Kratos with more depth and persona.

Of course, the story and characters would be irrelevant if the game itself was no good. Rest assured that this is not the case as God of War offers players a stunning world to explore and an amazing gameplay mechanic to do it with.

It seems this is one gamble which has paid off for Sony and the PS4.

iPhone X Review

Apple’s latest flagship smartphone, the iPhone X, has been on the market for six months now. It is a well-known fact that this is also the most expensive model on the market today. Now, the question that needs to be answered remains: is it worth it?

As you may know by now, the device itself is of utmost importance for Apple as its release coincides with the 10th anniversary of the original iPhone. One could easily argue that this single product is among the most important technological achievements in the past decade.

More than that, however, the iPhone X stands out for another reason. Namely, it is the first phone produced by Apple to sport a new design. This is because most iPhones in the past four years have basically been identical, aesthetically speaking.

Apple should be lauded for its decision to finally make a bold statement. The iPhone X not only looks good, but it feels good as well. More than that, it packs one hell of a punch – in terms of the tech it sports. While the price tag may seem hefty, believe us when we tell you that it is most certainly worth it.