Separate Bed for Your Dog? Yay or Nay?

Dogs love to be with their owners so they usually choose to sleep next to them if allowed. Loving dog owners may find this appealing to be so close to their beloved best friend. While it is a nice feeling to be close to one’s dog when sleeping at night, it’s not the best idea for the owner or the dog.


Smaller breeds can be injured by restless human owners who tend to toss and turn. Worse than that, is the fact that they could even be unintentionally smothered to death by their owners. That horror aside, it’s still a good idea to have a dog bed for your best friend, big or small.


It is indeed much safer for your dog to have its own bed. It would be its own special place that’s completely its own. It allows the pet to retreat and be safe knowing that it’s a safe place for them. Just like people like having a space to call their own, the family dog would actually enjoy it, too.


Training a dog to use its own dog bed will keep the human bed cleaner and more sanitary. Dogs track in dirt, insects, bacteria, leaves and other not so nice things that no human would really enjoy having in their bed. Providing a dog bed would allow the dog to utilize his own space. Purchasing a machine washable dog bed would be the smartest option so it can be laundered completely three or four times a month, or as needed. Even though the bedding is routinely cleaned, the mattress and pillows can harbor insects. pet hair and dander.


As dogs age, especially large breeds, they face ailments that their human counterparts often do. One of the most common ones is arthritis. A dog having its own bed – quick plug for Hundbetten – – is the most comfortable solution to allowing a dog to enjoy ultimate comfort when battling arthritis pain. Although humans want to cuddle them, the dogs are indeed better off sleeping in their own beds with this painful affliction. Even if the dog is perfectly healthy, it is a more realistic option for the entire family even if its just one owner, to have a dog bed. Once the dog is trained to sleep in its bed, everyone will be more comfortable and sleep better at night.

Dogs have naturally higher body temperatures than humans, so sleeping in their own bed will allow it to better regulate its own temperature. On hot days and nights, the dog will certainly be more comfortable on a cool tile floor or even a wood floor and not in any bed. On cooler days, the dog will still experience more comfort in its own plush bed rather than snuggle with its owner.

Even though we love our canine pals, it makes sense to allow them to have their own dog beds. Training them and encouraging them to use their own special bed is rewarding for the dog and healthier for the dog and its owner.